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right now, and the idea is you want to change the culture in america? you want to change the government? you want to overthrow the constitution? you don't do it with guns or anything like that. if you want a redistribution of wealth, what you do is you collapse the system, and then it has to restart. well, that's what is happening. they are overwhelming it. >> i know there are a lot of conspiracy theories are out there. i had the benefit of doing the alex jones last night and i heard a couple of them. i'm not disputing that many of them may be true, but market forces are likely to take -- glenn: you don't need a conspiracy theory r >> but market forces are likely to take us there anyway. the dollar is way too high. other currencies are way too low, so what you're likely to see is a realignment of currencies. glenn: say this in terms that people understand. a realignment of currencies doesn't mean anything. what it does mean is that you will live closer to the standard of mexico than you are of america when they realign the currencies. correct? >> yes. that would be accurate. our debts a
>> paul: when it comes to bank of america's shotgun wedding to merrill lynch, congress is again debating who was pulling the trigger. some say it was bank of america; others blame regulators for pushing a deal at any cost. >> suzanne: with just a tiny increase in prices paid to factories, farmers, and other producers, the inflation picture remains tame, but could an uptick in prices be welcome news for the fed? we ask an economist. >> paul: general electric is getting ready to say so long to nbc-universal. a look tonight at why g.e. is making the move. >> suzanne: then, a big win for an american car maker. we'll tell you who took top honors in motortrend's car of year, and why that could push its sales even higher. >> paul: i'm paul kangas. >> suzanne: and i'm suzanne pratt. susie gharib is off tonight. this is "nightly business report" for tuesday, november 17. "nightly business report" is made possible by: this program is made possible by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. captioning sponsored by wpbt >> suzanne: good evening, everyone. in late
tt its oensive against th taliban and al qaa is succeedingbut are america's foes defeate orjust buying time for anher fig? >>> ly half a year aer its captain was free a shoot-out, an american ship is attacked again by somali pirates. >>> we take you to the amazon where one of the world'siggest oil companies is being sued by poor ecuadorians who accuseit of pollution they say is causg cancer. >>> and fr israel, protests about divoe laws. are women there being given fair shake? is part two of our "signatureseries from that couny. >>> from the world leading reporters and analystshere's wh's happening from around the world. this is "worldfocu" major support habeen provid byosalind p. walter and the ter g. peterson foundati, dedicated to promoting fialesponsibility d addressing key economic chalnges facing america's futu. and additional funding is provided by the foowing supporters- >>> heo and good evening. i'm daljit dhaliwal. america's lationship with china may have its ups and downs, b one thing is rtain. no trip to that country by an american presint is nsidered comple without
of america saw the document but did not show us they did any analysis to make up for merrill commissions. on the contrary, the evidence we have suggests that bank of america pulled a number out of thin air. far from being consistent with the actual experience of october or what they knew about the third quarter, the guess, wistfully assumed that the markets for collateralized debt obligation and credit default swaps would be significantly better in november and december. it was assumed that merrill lynch would almost break even for november. then the attorneys at bank of america went to work. they did not question the financial information they were given. . e financial information they were given. they begin with the assumption additional shareholder disclosure was necessary and they discussed what kind of exposure they would make but after studying the question for a week they decided the news was not sufficiently out of line from past performance than previous disclosures to warrant further shareholder disclosure. the sunmaid icuf council bank of america did not make any further discl
. america, roll up your sleeves. we're going to go to work. i'm going to show you things in the coming weeks and months on what you can do to make a difference. let me show you, the n.e.a. has just said that rules for radicals should be read by every american. i think they should read the words of some real radicals. this is from thomas jeffer jefferson -- "the democracy will cease to exist, the democracy will cease to exist when you take away from throws who are willing to work and give it to those who would not." make a choice, america. hell hoe, america. if you're getting your economic news from the politicians or, quite honestly, anybody in the media right now, you have to be pretty confused. you're like, is it good or horrible? i mean, the dow just crossed 10,000, you know. is that bad, because unemployment just passed 10, 10%. let's look at what some of the key players have had to say about the economy. let's start with this guy. he's a genius, isn't he? ben bernanke. i love the fed! no, they've done a bang-up job, they have. he has been a big cheerleader. for months he's been building
and support her. the other aspect is that she could have pivoted to why politics in america is so broken. what people are so intense and angry and divided that we cannot have a civil to vacation anymore. >sean: are read the book. the stories where she tells about her father. it takes her hunting, they kill amos before she goes to school. the father takes out the warm eyeballs of the moose. i'm thinking, most people purchase their package to meet so they don't understand the reality of where our meat comes from. alaska, is if she is more real than people who are "trained, sophisticated." >> that stupid television show of real lives of housewives, that is not real. that is not real. she is real. she has to set the context. >> here is the big question, do you ever want to be president of the united states? >> that is not on my radar screen right now. when you consider some of the ordinary turning into extraordinary things in my life, i am not want to predict what will happen in a few years. my ambition, my desire is to help our country in whatever role that may be. i cannot predict what that will
of the american people. sean: or live to tape? >> i would have done it in front of all of america there. she was drawing, 20000, 30,000, 50,000 to hear her speak. why not do the interview in front of those people? sean: that's not a bad idea. there are ways mediawise that people can handle an environment that is predictably hostile. look, i like the governor. i voted for the governor. i've been out on the campaign trail with her. she's a rock store. and she -- if she decides to get in in 2012, she will be a formidable candidate. >> but there are times when her language, when the words that she chooses, i know you got some clips here, there are times when the words she chooses could have been better. there are times when she says things because she is so real, that she will say things that are not as effective as they could have been. sean: but all right. let's say franklin starts advising her -- frank luntz starts advising her. do you want her to be a plastic, contrived, rehearsed -- i'll give you an example. we do our great american panel every night. we tell people what the topics are. he
is about. we're gointoo around the world to see what ssons we can learn fix america's sick, sick health care system. i' covered the world as a foreign correspondent, andight now i'm writing a book abo health carsystems seas. firsst on my tour is great britain, wre our family lived for five years even thougthe uk is our closest ropean ally, its alth ce solution that is, the vernment-run national health service-- may seem to close to soclism for most aman still, we can len something here. for about half of what we pa per person, the nhcovers everybodand s mewh tter health isti, longer lifexptancower iant mortaly. britain's national healt servicis dicatedo the oposition that you should never have to pay medical bill. the nhs, there's no insuran premium,o co-pay, fee at l. the system covers evybody. and, you kno when we lived here, my family got really gd care from the nhs, althoh we often had to wait to see doctor. and yet thwspars here are full of nhrrortories-- raoning, waiting lists, terrible mistake so i've come to london to e th nhs. is it an answer for the u., or just some horrle so
>>> making news in america this morning. >> preside obama wraps up his trip to china and heads on to korea where a whole new series of issues await. >>> government site meant to track stimulus raises anger on capitol hill. >>> it's wednesday, november 18th, 2009. >>> good morning. thanks for being with us. president obama has wrapped up his visit to shy by inviting hu to visit the zblus the president heads off to confront new challenges in korea. >> reporter: president obama enjoyed a final test of china as he wrapped up three days of meeting with communist leaders. the president's discussions have been wide ranging, climate change, north korea nuclear issues, human rights and the economy. >> a relationship that used to be focused just on economic and trade issues is now expanding to deal with a whole hosts of global issues in which the u.s. cop operates. >> reporter: the president now heads to south korea. the fourth and final country where demonstrators are awaiting his arrival. these are the first protesters that he's encountered on the trip. >> translator: i cannot repress
to the polls. welcome to," broadcast on pbs in america and around the globe. coming up later, is new technology the answer for all the farmers? japan's search for answers to food dependency. and not exactly an old master, london's data rate retreats amsterdam's red light district for exhibition. -- london's museum recreate amsterdam's red light district for an exhibition. >>> it is official, the deadline for closing the hugely controversial prison at guantanamo bay, cuba, two months away, will not be met. president obama has confirmed the commitment that he made so publicly came to office will not be fulfilled in time. jonathan beall is at guantanamo bay. >> the reason for the delay is still filtering through. we do not know if the detainees have been informed, but the military commanders are aware. it does not come as a huge surprise because they know that president obama wanted to close it. they know there has been a huge obstacle in the way, the biggest one, where the put the detainees instead? there are still 200. where will they go, where will they be tried? these questions are still to be
? rae' had o sh have been bullishstocks - do you k any ss laaks in washiton e america knew in the months befo it ughtri lynch.a house ovn reform panel says bank of early as november 2008 - b of a has maintained that didn't know abohe l awmakers poi to rnal of a tocumentrovethei erriosses end up the chairmanuse ovsightled commt emls thegedllesent about another un-reted issue... listentis exc. "ne othe emails used hehrase, sew th essed disaeements in way bank of america approved meer..ou tus wha u had in mind when youe emaithe ofords the first referen to it middle of bo inwe we bein alform as words mig suggest. worseoming from charles amica'board of directors. e sas expressing remorsfor shas.reld 2009 earnings report... which would have a negative impact ons we coactethbankora seo the orateour hear bac baamernk of a is sitti on 45 llion dollars in loans from u-s taxpayers. mber oare er ans are more ttwo onths ency transn.that's up 58 percent fm this time last ar. nevada and florida continue to eshe hit. rtdaan, me, is ere hrs most ym.2-peent hind sraadn the show a newfromeport he rp inspe
think it's important that we clear up the confusion that's probably out across america. women are at kitchen tables trying to figure out now what is their next step. i think the next step is what they've always done, which is certainly take a look at the guideline recommendations but then have a conversation with your physician because the individual case history, the individual family history, what your body type is, what your background is is the best indicator of how often you should have this very important screening technique, a mammogram, and how frequently it should be done. >> are you telling women to ignore the recommendations of this panel? >> i'm telling women to take a look at the recommendations of the panel, which are, you know, looking globally at tens of thousands of cases, but then take that information and have a conversation with your doctor. >> are you saying that women should still consider having mammograms beginning at age 40? >> absolutely. >> some people are saying that your response to the panel's recommendations are essentially throwing this panel un
gersh takes a look. >> rorter: america loves an apology. all i can say is that i apologize. >> please let me apologize. >> i apologize tohe public. report you tube isilled with them. >> i'm really really sorry, i apologize unservedly. >> reporter: but loving apogy and accepting one are two different things, whh makes goldman sachs' c.e. lloyblankfein's apology-- made at a directohip magazine conference-- a controvsial move. >> we're a leadein our industry and we participat in things that are early wrong and we have reass to regret and apologize fo >>eporter: the fortune columnist, blogger and.b.s. exutive who writes under the name stanley bing says it rely makes sense for companies apologize. mostren't accepted and he says, in blankfein's case, iis not clear what he was apologizing fo >> what was clearly ong, can you identi what was wrong? if y can't, why not? whisn't he identifying what was wrong? reporter: public citizen's robert weissman helped oanize this rly outside goldman's shington offices on monday. he inot appeased by goldman's regret. >> to ju say, "i'm sorry, things are wr
for closing america's hugely controversia pron in guantanamo bay is t months away and it will not be t. president obama said that the comtment that he de cannot be fulfilled in time. >> itas one of the oba administration's elier prises, close th prison that they called mo by s first term in office -- by his firs year in ofice. 10 inmates are beingbrought to tria five of them in ne york. the president was asked ife understood why some americans found this offeive. >> i don't think it is offensive at all when he is convicted and when the death penalty is applied. what im clear about is that i have mpleteonfidence in the merican people and o legal traditions. >> there are still 215 pple being hel in guantano bay. some have been cleared of wrongdoing b no countries have been fohcoming itaking them. some of them will be tried at a federal cou in manhattan including 9/11 mastermind khalid sheikh mohammed. detaineecould endp being sent to a prison in rur illinois. the ainistration's top lawy went toapitol hill to brush aside questions. >> did khalid sheikh mhammed make the sametatement in his
aboutough guy in tla leather jacket, weenbehind the scenes of his show "america's most wa wepe a fulday th vo shows. e," ortein the b gageland killer, rafael campbell. >> t a the rifles like the ew use. say campll and h knowles c. vir er he's done it forears.tor possibly can tlp. thing we --te from izabetsm gard? seene lee e >> ba man and a woman were he car. jaycee's fher only g a good lo at the woman. >> reporter: he first highlighted her in 1991. st four days afterhe was fornia bus stop.hern ca nee treturno her girl edto mifaly. >> do you thk girl would ever be fod? >> ia t's rae. it's a wonderful, wonderful ending to a really sad story. >> repter: what drivesalsh is hiswnllsad sty. a hollywd llent storidnapped a >> reporr: it's storasy tragic ait is wellnown. his year-old son adam was abdurom a shopping malin orida onuly 271981 >> we ju appciate anythin information on. ves any >> repr: as turout lynformation was heartbreaking. adam'servered head was found the sts never covere and r yearhis killer w ver caught. >> youted your whole liffor thil you kiss him gooe emornin g anneyou r
thi >>> welcome back to "world news now." crime fighter john walsh has no badge but his show "america's most wanted" has brought criminals to justice when police have failed. >> walsh is driven by the abduction and murder of his own son many years ago. ryan owens goes behind the scenes to show us a side of walsh rarely seen. >> reporter: for more than two decades john walsh has been hunting the country's most dangerous criminals. >> next time i see alan white's face i want to see ours in front of it. now it's time to do some business. >> reporter: he's helped put more than 1,000 of them behind bars. >> there's a desperate serial killer on the run. >> reporter: serial killers, rapists, child abductors. >> tonight, maybe you can help. >> we've got 17 guys off the fbi's ten most wanted. >> action! >> reporter: to find out more about the tough guy in the black leather jacket, we went behind the scenes of his show "america's most wanted." we spent a full day with him on location near san francisco. >> go, "nightline," one of my favorite shows. >> reporter: he's in the bay area on the trail
with an 18-year-old muslim convert who experts say made hating america a hobby. he describes himself as an extremist on his myspace page and apparently watched al qaeda videos online. hasan has been charged with 13 counts of murder. congressman carter introduced a bill to give the victims combatant status, increasing benefits for the families of those who died. the father whose 13-year-old boy accused michael jackson of molest being him in the 1990's has apparently committed suicide. this is a photo of chandler at age 18 with jackson in 1993. police say 65-year-old evan chandler was found dead in his jersey city home with a gunshot wound to the head. it happened earlier this month but the information was only just released to the public. chandler and his son filed a civil suit against jackson in 1993, but jackson paid the family a reported $20 million to settle the case out of court. a mother charged in connection with the kidnapping of her young daughter who was found dead is apparently pregnant again. antwoineette davis is being held in isolation at a north carolina jail. the body
before i leave. there's some really good news for america out here on the job front and clean energy. two weeks ago on the microsoft campus out in washington state i drove a ford focus which will probably be the first american mass-produced all elk trick vehicle. this car is the bomb. when americans get an all electric car and understand how much torque an all electric car can generate, these things are like -- this is the fastest car since i was in my buddy's chevy 404 in 1968. when you hit the pedal, it's not a gas pedal, the accelerator, they'll still call it a gas pedal, unbelievable power is generated because an electric engine gives you immediate torque, internal combustion engine you have the pistons. electricity is immediate torque. everybody's been talking about electric cars because they are so efficient they can wean 9 oil addiction which is so dangerous to us. they can reduce global warming. what americans are going to really love is how fast they are and the acceleration you get from them. that's going to be a real fun thing about them. the good news is we now have an opport
today. that is what i believe we need at our post camps and stations across america. that is just substance abuse. if i look at mental health care provider, in the last two years, we have hired about 900. i see a shortage today somewhere in the vicinity of 800. >> and then begs the question of, with these continues -- continued shortages, is there any concern that the quality of your mental health professionals in the army is going to slip? that people are being promoted when perhaps they should not be? >> i have no doubt -- i have no data to show that whatsoever. the problem i have is not my problem all along. the reason why i am having a problem with mental health care providers is the united states society as whole as having a problem with mental health care providers. they are not available. it makes it very difficult for us to make up our shortage. that is why i look to other ways of trying to get that kind of help. that is one of the reasons i am so excited about what we just did online. if this were to prove that we could do this in post-camps for returning soldiers, i beli
a stronger economy. to shape a better tomorrow, at&t is investing in america's future - working to create an internet at's smart, mobile and safe. last year at&t invested more than any other company in the u.s. and we're continuing to invest this year, to expand and enhance our wireless and wired networks. we support a national plan that ensures high speed internet access and enables adoption by all americans, over the next five years. adoption by all americans, over the next five years. the future is our business. at&t. your world delivered. it's so hard to choose one. you know, during the sign then drive event, you can get a cc, tiguan or fuel efficient jetta for practically just your signature. you can get scheduled maintenance at no cost. there's got to be more to it than that... i'll never doubt you again. >>> making headlines, the white house is criticizing israel for move o head with the construction of 900 additional housing units in east jerusalem. that is an area that palestinians claim for their capital of their future state. president obama has been calling on israel to stop e
, opening up new opportunities for u.s. workers here in the united states of america which is exactly what is being said to president obama as he meets in korea at this moment with their leadership. with president lee and others. so i think that we need to have our attention in this congress focused on the priorities -- the priorities the american people have. fire fighting is very, very important. but again this measure will pass if not unanimously narrowly unanimously and it will do so and i hope get the resources to ensure that we never have the loss of life like those of captain hall and others. but i know from having spoken to their families, mr. speaker, that they believe that the absolutely essential for us to encourage private sector job creation and economic growth and that's why i'm talking about this priority that needs to be addressed here. now, mr. speaker, i'm going to urge my colleagues to defeat the previous question as we move ahead. why? because the issue of reading legislation is another very, very important one that is before us. there is a bipartisan proposal launched
february. we'll talk about showers and maybe some thunder. stay tuned. america is strong and resilient. and we'll pull through these tough times, we always have. and the companies building the internet are leading this technology driven recovery. more than one hundred billion dollars in private investment over the last two years has spurred innovation, launching new online service and content and put more than three million americans to work. an economic success story. expanding and growing by building a smarter, faster, safer internet. broadband for america: it's working. >>> in tonight's consumer alert. the extra fees you pay to travel over the holidays are so lucrative for the airlines, they are going to pile them on. in addition to the tens of $30 surcharges it fly around thanksgiving and christmas, you are going to pay them to travel around spring break. the biggest fee is reserved around super bowl fans. fly february 8 and you'll pay an additional $50 fee. >>> all right, so how do you store your spare tire? in the trunk? off the back of the vehicle? underneath? tonight at 11:00
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-biting semi final elimination round of dancing with the stars america said good-bye to joe anna and derek. the partners will not advance to week ten. they are forever on mystic and proud of their performances. >> i think i became more confident knowing i could do more things. i wasn't a dancer. i came into this competition and i overcame the semi finals. it showed me i can do whatever i want. >> i'm happy. i'm not sad i got eliminated. i'm happy because i look at the accomplishments i did. >> next week on dancing the final three couples turn up the heat as they compete for the win. >>> with a look ahead to the news at 6:00 a 5-year-old maryland girl gets a hero's honor. >>> just in time for thanksgiving wild turkeys are on the loose in big air. how they are getting friendly with the neighbors. now a preview of what's ahead on world news at 6:30. >> reporter: coming up. the plague effort to show how many jobs have been created by the economic stimulus. criticism for the decision to try terrorism suspects in new york. so what comes to mind when we switch the tv from cable to fios? um. tv lo
, as soon as it is released to america, we have plenty of time. neil: six weeks is not time enough to make sure. >> it is a lifetime. 30 years is a lifetime. we have been working on national health care, other countries of the world have been working on it for years. i believe we are almost done. i think that the senators will have ample time to read over the bill. we will have national health care for the first time in our great country. 36 million americans at that do not now have insurance will have it. neil: that all sounds great. if you can get my voice in on this gravy train. >> if they graduate from high school they can own their own businesses, have their own jobs, give back to the community and be the young man that you want them to be. neil: i think that they know little bit already about basic math, and they are troubled, that is all i am saying. >> understandable. let them know that 95% of america is working well and we will close the gap for them. love you, appreciate you. neil: always good to have you. senator amy klobuchar, what does she know that we do not? and do we want t
discovered south america. i went to japan. and all of that is ultimately digested and comes back in the kind of... i call that smart fusion. >> rose: a look at china and the united states in the after math of the presidential visit and food through the skills of eric ripert next. captioning sponsored by rose communications from our studios in new york city, this is charlie rose. >> rose: this evening we continue our coverage of president obama's visit to china. earlier today he met with president hu jintao in beijing. the two leaders held a press conference, though neither took questions afterwards. here's a part of what they said. >> ( translated ): to preserve and promote the growth of this relationship is a shared responsibility for both china and the united states. the chinese side is willing to work with the u.s. side to ensure the sustained, sound, and steady growth of this relationship to the greater benefits of peoples of our two countries and people throughout the world. >> the major challenges of the 21st century, from climate change to nuclear proliferation to economic recovery ar
p uses real dairy cream. nothing's more real than reddi wip. >>> good morning, america. on this wednesday, november 18th, the end of war? president obama says he wants the war in afghanistan over by the time he leaves the white house. >>> and touring asia. he reunites with a brother who then talks to us. >>> and the morning after the uproar about new mammogram guidelines. our doctors tell you exactly what they think you should do. >>> red-handed. the woman caught on tape. police say she was frying to kill her husband not once but three separate times. >>> and speaking of tape. that college soccer player finally talks about this moment. >>> and janet jackson, for the first time on learning her brother had died. >> what do you miss most about him? >> a "gma" exclusive. >>> and welcome, everyone. good morning to you. diane sawyer with robin roberts. and we'll show you the site of air force one leaving beijing, china, the end of the president's trip in china. while you were sleeping, we hope. heading to south korea due back home tomorrow afternoon, of course, to bring every
america owes to its top ked tore. major garrett reports from beijing on the delicate give and take relationship between the economic superpowers. >> in china's great hall of the people, an artful economic dance between china's number one trading partner and america's number one debt holder. president tao whose central banks own at least $800 billion in u.s. treasuries spoke refusively about economic cooperation and and scolded president obama about tariffs on tires and steel. there is an investigation on u.s. auto parts, a bargaining chip, a potential lifeline to automakers, might be in jeopardy. >> i told president obama there are vitiations our country needs to impose and reject. protectionism needs a stronger stance. >> mr. obama gave no ground on protectionism and accused china of keeping their currency low and exports cheap and one reason china has pulled oust of out of the global economic recession more andly than the u.s. >> i was please to note the chinese commitment made in past statements to move towards a more market oriented exchange rate over time. >> in the face of ir
is absolutely intent on trying them before their buddies cease this war upon america, then it ought to be before a military commission as congress has created in 2006 and as has been amended even this year by -- at the request of this administration. that's why i'm going to be filing a bill and asking, mr. speaker, colleagues on both sides of the aisle to please join in, let's protect the families of victims of 9/11 in new york from having to endure this insufferable blow of having smoking happy terrorists come to new york and gloat over the destruction and death they caused there. they do not deserve to gloat over the deaths and destruction they brought to new york city. they do not deserve to gloat over the destruction and death in washington, d.c., they deserve to be kept confined for the rest of their natural lives. but at least until their buddies say they're no longer at war and they all give up and then we can hound our swords into plow sheers. until that time, this body owes a duty to the american citizens to protect it, to see that the administration doesn't subject it to unnecessary ha
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new york, good night, america. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute bret: next on "special report" the president sits down and discusses unemployment, fox news, his critics and more. eric holder takes fire over the administration's position on guantanomo detainees and senate democrats get the price tag for their healthcare reform legislation. i'm bret baier in washington, and this is "special report." fox news talks with president obama. here are a few of the headlines you will hear tonight the president says americans could lose confidence in the economy and have a double din recession and says they will mott make the deadline for closing guantanomo bay detention facility but says it will be closed sometime next year with cooperation and says america does not have the kind of partner we would like in afghanistan and insists building new settlements does not contribute to israel's security. here is senior white house correspondent major garrett's interview with the president in china. >> mr. pr
. this is where the news begins. you recognize tim gaughan and his team covering america for us. the foreign desk is covering the globe and if you sweep over to the media desk, this is where all the brand-new pictures come to us and here on the live desk you will always see the boxes in the right-hand part of the screen. watching senator harry reid's every move and who will pay for hesitate health care bill fapped he has enough to move forward. right now the unemployment vate at 10.2% meaning nearly 16 million americans who want work can't find work. but in part of the population the unemployment rate is 25%. we'll tell you where and why. and in the bottom box not only have the su molly pirates struck again, they struck the same ship again. remember the mayors k alabama and this time the pirates got quite the surprise, martha. major: martha: the u.s. attorney general eric holder testifying today before the senate judiciary committee defending his decision to try them here in new york city. identifying the stated -- that -- >> i know that we are at war with a vicious enemy who targets our soldiers
of the g20, the imf, the world bank, and america's role in remaking our global financial architecture. it's been almost a decade since the treasury secretary last addressed this committee. and back then, it was to discuss the imf and the asian financial crisis. while those events unfolded far from our shores in many ways, america has been ground zero or financial crisis today that nearly resulted in global economic collapse. we're not out of the woods yet, but it's not too soon to start rebuilding and rethinking our international financial institutions. the global economy is changed dramatically, weekly amah and profoundly. twenty years ago, worldwide capital flows were less than 20% of what they are today. ten years ago much of asia was an economic disarray. today the old order has been shaken up by new realities emerging powers, and entirely new financial entities. increasingly, the economic policies of any single nation, it no matter how powerful, are inadequate to meet the demands of the world with both risk and capital move globally. alongside our financial challenge, we're pursuing
satisfaction. america's top rated internet and phone all together for our new low price of just... call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 8-974-66 tty/v and get $150 back plus a free dvr for three months. don't wait. get all three amazing services for just... hurry, call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 8-974-66 tty/v >> mostly rain in the mountains that typically look for snow this time of year. the onside chance of an isolated storm or to as temperatures warm into the upper 50. the rain moves out early friday. most of friday will be dry. sunday will start with sun and end up with clouds in the evening and scattered showers lender to the middle of next week. high temperatures in the mid 50's and no sign of any really cold air. one year ago today we had the first zero flakes of the season. >> that is not happening tonight. >> nbc nightly news is next. >> we will see you back at 10:00 at 11:00.
-- contributions to a campaign should help poor during the holidays. santa but america is fighting for volunteers to be vaccinated against this one flew five was given the amount of exposure to the public in children in particular. that brings us to one of your answers to the watercooler question of the day. >> this morning we asked, given their interaction with a large number of children, do you think volunteer santas should receive priority for the swine flu vaccine? given their interaction with a large number of children, do you think volunteer santas should receive priority for the swine flu vaccine? email us your response to >> one person says, i think we should get them vaccinated first. they are in harm's way. >> here is a look ahead to our next hour of 11 news today. >> a nice chunk of change could be turned to you. >> possible cuts for some areas. >> the president heads to south korea to focus on the nuclear ambitions of north korea. >> we have a brain to discuss. the forecast in just a few minutes. >> we are checking on a few accidents this morning. both with lan
with barbara walters that was revealed this morning. on "good morning america." and palin's new book called "going rogue" is now going off on almost everyone that's crossed her lately. >> he doesn't have anything on me. >> reporter: "showbiz tonight" can tell you, palin-a-palooza is in full swing. in today's interview with walters, palin takes on two people who have made second careers out of making fun of her, tina fey and david letterman. >> first off i want to say how excited i am to be in front of both the liberal elite media as well as the liberal regular media. >> reporter: tina fey savaged sarah palin last year with a wicked impersonation of her on "saturday night live." in the new interview today, palin told barbara walters, she has a bit of a bone to pick with tina. >> i can see russia from my house. >> of course, i've never said that. and yet the line was blurred and i think people, because it was repeated so often, perhaps, believed that i had said such a thing. >> reporter: but palin did manage to say something nice about tina fey. >> i think she was funny, though, and i think s
america. arizona. arizona state university student christian andersen just bought her own business in a nearby village. when her boss decided to sell, she made an offer. >> i thought i would be out of the job. no one is giving out jobs right now. and i told her, you're going to laugh at me, but i think i am going to buy it. >> anderson makes monthly payments, getting financial help from her folks. she says that the business is doing well. colorado. police are looking for help identifying this guy, who has spoken into a county school six times. they have released the surveillance video, showing a man smoking a cigarette and doing some major damage. he is breaking into the principal's office, stealing laptops, and destroying vending machines. authorities say he cost the school more than $10,000. washington. one of seattle's light rail trains jumping tracks. it happened on an elevated platform not far from the train yard. nobody was on board, and the operator is said to be all right. pennsylvania. the point marion bridge in the western part of the state is demolished. state transporta
be filled first. >> early on into this, we did know. >> america's biggest manufacturer says this pennsylvania plants are working overtime. >> they are operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with more than 2000 dedicated people involved in getting the vaccine out the door. >> with 50 million doses ready, is coming faster, but not fast enough. >> -- there are worries that they would not be able to get the vaccine out fast enough. >> now, your insta-weather forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> increasing clouds across the baltimore area through the afternoon and into the evening. to the west, there are showers on the doppler. even here in mid-november, these are just rain showers to the west. temperatures remain mild for this time of year. temperatures well above freezing out in western maryland and into the panhandle of west virginia. it would just be a chilly rain out there in the mountains through the evening hours. to the southwest, there is more substantial rain moving through the ohio valley, but in no hurry to move in this direction. a dry day even
and afghanistan veterans of america says more than 30,000 single mothers have served in those wars. >>> this is the "your views" question of the day. since last night you have been commenting on my facebook page about this. richelle carey, hln. we found a few comments for you. christine writes this -- elliott is calling from new york. elliott, no sympathy at all. you say she's being a coward. why so? >> caller: that's what she is. she knew what she was getting into. she took an oath. before you go to basic training, you take an oath that you will defend the constitution of the united states against all enemies foreign and domestic. this is a cop out on her part. she's a yellow belly coward and she just went in thinking she would be sent to japan or korea or germany. >> let me stop you quick. she said her mother -- she would have been comfortable serving if her mother was taking care of her child. that's what fell through. you're not buying that? >> no. that's an excuse. >> thank you for letting me stop threw to ask a question. i appreciate it. another caller. lori is calling from w
to perhaps keep america safe. this is a systemic problem. we believe that this jeopardize as, in the future, our national security. it revolves around the threat of radicalization of americans in their homeland. this is a threat that we have identified for years. it is a continuing and it is an evolving threats. if we're going to confront this threat to contain it and ultimately defeat this threat, the tools that we use also need to continue to evolve. this is a very, very dangerous problem. it is why we, as a committee, today, as the republicans on the intelligence committee, are calling for the committee to immediately begin a full investigative process into the circumstances surrounding the shootings at fort hood. there is a prosecution that is going on. but we need to look at this at a broader context what do we need to do? how do we need to evolve our relationships between the various organizations that are given the challenge to keep america safe? how to weave all those tools? how do we eat all those -- how do we evolve those tools? how do we of all those relationships? we need the fu
to america but rather they are universal rights. >> reporter: president hu stood expressionless as mr. obama spoke. critics say the president is soft pedaling human rights, fearful of angering the nation that has become america's banker. >> our relationship going forward will not be without disagreement or difficulty. >> reporter: and it won't get any easier when the president returns home thursday. a new cbs news poll shows the president's ratings are down on a range of issues. on afghanistan as he nears a decision on how many more troops to send, only 38%-- the lowest yet-- approve of his handling of the war. just 23% say the war is going well, also a new low, down from 35% in september. on the economy, more bad news. only 49% approve of his handling down from 57% in june. and while the white house insists about a million jobs have been created by the stimulus package, americans simply don't believe it. a mere 7% say the stimulus has already created jobs. 46% say jobs will be created eventually. 42% say it will never create jobs. before heading home, the president has one more stop: south
on the outer loop at 795 and edmonton. you can choose from one of america's best selections of cars and suvs. click on >>> a change in the trial of sheila dixon's theft trial. it is mary bubala who is leading our complete coverage. >> reporter: good morning, don. the jury is due back here at the courthouse at 9:00 a.m. today. they will hear from more defense witnesses after the state prosecutor surprised so many by resting his case yesterday without putting his key witness on the stand. the decision not to put ronald lipscomb on the stand led the judge to throw out two of the seven counts of the indictment. >> we are pleased. they did not put mr. lipscomb on the stand. >> reporter: all this came when the state prosecutor rested his case after three and a half days of witness testimony. prosecutors are relying on the testimony of developer patrick turner. on monday, turner told jurors that sheila dixon requested gift cards for the needy and he delivered $1,000 from best buy and target. turner's testimony will stand, but the judge instructed jurors to disregard testimony from s
it was obtained, the type of defense that will be waged. he is confident the best for america's justice system is to hold them accountable in article 3 courts. gregg: that he does not make the final decision, a judge does. one judge wrote about the real possibility that all the charges could be dismissed by a federal judge because the suspects were subject to procedures that "shocked the conscience clause " which as you know it is the standard for dismissing charges. for that reason alone, shouldn't the cases go to a military commission instead of a federal court? >> clearly, we are going to have to deal with what happens with his detention. we have to. we are an open society. the attorney general is confident he can bring a successful case against the terrorists. he also believes the best way to deal with this is with our judicial system. this is something that we have done before in terrorist cases. we have used our record before to hold terrorists responsible. this is the best way to proceed with the fact that he has. i know there is a lot of second- guessing going on, but let's wait to see
nation could create it. and that nation is... america. a nation of dreamers. try harders. doers. try doing this with roquefort. it's made with milk. never oil like some other slices. it is the culmination of the american dream. all wrapped up in individual slices. kraft singles. the american cheese. ♪ who says i can't be free from all of the things i used to be, rewrite my history, who says i can't be free ♪ >>> you know, john maher burst onto the singer/songwriter scene in 2001 and has been reveling with fans ever since. now he's out with a new album and will be playing his great new songs in a live studio performance here on "today." >> that's tomorrow. >> yeah. and next week, leading up to thanksgiving, we've got three big plaza concerts in a row, starting monday with a whole half hour of music from "britain's got talent" sensation, susan boyle. then tuesday, the amazing alicia keys will take to the stage. and on wednesday, bon jovi is back to rock you over the long thanksgiving weekend. so, if you're in the area, come on by. it's a big week. nobody brings you a bigger week of
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this down to stop it is going to, i believe, help restore and return america to sandt. >> reporter: khalid shaikh muhammed could soon be in new york, even though his trial might not start for years. >> waterboarding is sure to be an issue. what if one juror refuses to convict? remember o.j. simpson, one senator said up here today? holder said, no matter what happens, ksm will not go free in this country. steve handelsman, news4, capitol hill. >>> at another point when attorney general holder was asked what would happen if the suspects were acquitted? he said failure is not an option. >>> president obama is in south korea tonight. it is the last stop on his tour of asia. he wrapped up a three-day visit to china earlier today with a visit to the great wall. he also spoke with nbc's chuck dodd. the president said he is very close to making a decision on a strategy in afghanistan. >> this decision, will it be the decision that ultimately ends the war? >> this decision will put us on a path towards ending the war. >> president obama said he will announce his decisions within weeks. there were s
, and builds a stronger economy. to shape a better tomorrow, at&t is investing in america's future - working to create an internet that's smart, mobile and safe. last year at&t invested more than any other company in the u.s. and we're continuing to invest this year, to expand and enhance our wireless and wired networks. we support a national plan that ensures high speed internet access and enables adoption by all americans, over the next five years adoption by all americans, over the next five years the future is our business. at&t. your world delivered. >> a college soccer player caught on camera, taking out her frustration on her o point -- opponents. this video is violent. the university of mexico's elizabeth lambert is defending most of her moves during game earlier this month telling "the new york times" some of the incidents could be misunderstood by casual fans because they routinely happen during games. she did reiterate her regret for yanking down the supposing player. do we have to look at it again? lambert is suspended. horrible to watch. >> not apologizing. >> very violent. i h
reports, this time the crew wasn't having it. >> somali pirates tried to hijack america's alabama cargo ship again. >> they came up on a skiff within 300 yards and used small arms in attempt to climb the ship. >> they used an alarm. three pirates struck the vessel. a u.s. surveillance plane is monitoring it to make sure it safely reaches its destination on the kenyan coast. last april, pirates hijacked the same container ship, taiging richard phillips captive. he was held captive until snipers rescued him and killed three of his captorred. they captured a fourth gunman, who is now in the u.s. facing trial. u.s. and european allies frequently face off against pirates in the region. many cargo crews hire private security teams to travel on board. a military spokesman said it was pure chance somali pirates targeted the alabama for a second time, but this time the crew was ready. charlie, cbs news. >>> and that's suspected somali pirate being suspected is only a teenager. but he is going to be tried as an adult. the judge could sentence him to life. >>> first a high flying linkup and supp
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